The Rest Period and Pong   2 comments

Wow, haven’t posted in a while, but rest assured, I’ve been pretty busy! I’ve had a bunch of tests and exams recently in school, so I’ve had less time to work on things digital, but I’ve still managed to accomplish a fair bit.

I’m still working through SICP, I’m working on the part about data structures for sets.
I have done a total rewrite of my NCurses PONG Clone, and present to you the result:

Coxswain is winning!

I’ve got AI, a scoreboard and a few other things which I’m currently working on, check out the code at github


Posted 11/06/2010 by Emmanuel Jacyna in General Life

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2 responses to “The Rest Period and Pong

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  1. Haha, I see you have graduated from making pong on your calculator.
    looks pretty cool are you going to make the interface look cooler though
    couldn’t you paste an image over the board or is that really complex?

    • This is using ncurses, so “pasting an image” defeats the purpose of the exercise…
      I am using it as an exploration of the capabilities of the tty, and so far, so good :)
      Maybe I’ll look at libcaca sometime later :D

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