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I’m Emmanuel Jacyna, and I’m writing this web log to keep an account for myself, and for you, the reader, of my life and the cool things I discover. I’m writing about computing, one of my greatest passions. I’ll also be writing about  pretty much anything that I can put into nice words. Hmm… mainly just programming, actually :)

I’m currently a 20 year old male, live in Melbourne, Vic, Australia, and am currently studying a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash University.


Posted 21/03/2010 by Emmanuel Jacyna

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  1. Hi, Emmanuel, the color is nice…tonight I got hooked playing Frets on Fire…haha…
    came across this http://bluesguitarunleashed.com/bluesguitar.php
    you will have to start a new page tab, ‘Guitar’ complete with a picture of your Orange amp…it will look great on the site’s blue background,

    Dad xx :)

  2. Hi emmanuel,

    Just looking round the blog. Pretty interesting stuff.

  3. Nice page ;)

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