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Commander Keen Discovery!   Leave a comment

Those who recognize the source of my header image will probably have realized that I’m a big fan of ye old DOS games from the early nineties. Of recent I’ve been playing Commander Keen 4 (darn those dopefish), an absolutely classic side scrolling platformer. I’ve played commander keen for a very long time, but today I just made an amazing discovery. You can actually kill the moving fake stone things! I always thought that they were impossible to kill, so I’ve gotten used to tricks like making them drop into holes and pits. The trick is to shoot them while they are jumping at you, that way their sensitive bellies are exposed and able to be stunned by Keen’s weapon.

Anyway, here’s a short sequence of images to demonstrate the method:

Get the rock to attack you, by turning away from it, but move so that you will be out of the range of it's jump

Then turn and shoot it while it is still in the air

It should now lie there, looking stunned


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