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pyafg – new features!   Leave a comment

If you’ve been watching my pyafg github repo of late, you will have noticed that I’ve been very busy hacking on pyafg in the last few weeks, and have managed to add a heap of cool new features.

What’s New

  • Added a graphical transform editor
  • Added a gradient coloring system
  • Added more features!
  • Added some more fractals
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Made the pygame interface cleaner
  • You can now save images in the pygame interface
  • Added gradient demo

The transform editor was written using tkinter, and so for that reason it is neither pretty nor quick (for some reason tkinter does not support drawing directly to a canvas, you have to make objects on the canvas), but it does the job well, and I’ve managed to create quite a few neat looking fractals with it. In the future I hope to make a gtk or qt interface, but until then, it should do the job.

pyafg's tkinter transform editor

I’ll need to tidy up and standardize the command line arguments to pyafg, because I’ve added a lot more options. Here is an example of gradient coloring.

Here is a shot of the gradient for the above image.


Posted 22/05/2010 by Emmanuel Jacyna in pyafg

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pyafg – transform editor   Leave a comment

I was at school on thursday, and had IT Software Development in the afternoon. Surprisingly, it turned out to be quite enjoyable. I tested out pyafg on the school computers running windows xp, and it worked quite nicely. I can now say that pyafg is cross platform! (w00t)

Since we were being “taught” how to use tkinter, I decided to hack up a little gui for pyafg using it. It’s a rather simple affair, but is both a testament to the power of tkinter, and the success of my abstraction in libifs. I plan to turn run_IFS into a generator, and generalize it even further. While I was working on the (simplistic) gui, I had the idea to make a transform editor for pyafg. I think it should be pretty easy, and for those who’ve seen in the git repo, you’ll know that I already have the means to do so :)

I’ve also updated the pyafg page into something looking a little more like a project page, and plan to add a TODO list to that. Transform Editor will be first on the list :)

Posted 17/04/2010 by Emmanuel Jacyna in pyafg

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