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As Promised

I spent my entire day today working on this awesome song, which I’ve titled “Walk Through The Desert”. It’s a sort of rock balladish thing, and I’m quite pleased with what I managed to knock out in ten hours. Yesterday I randomly decided to listen to some “Ramble On Rose” by The Grateful Dead, and jammed along with it for a little while. I got an interesting chord progression out of that jam, and I was in a bit of an interesting mood, so I sung along to the riff and came up with some random lyrics for it. Today I decided to flesh it out a bit, so I got the guitar out, plugged along and came up with some lyrics that actually made sense. Because I’m not wonderful at keeping time, I made up a little drum beat using Hydrogen. To record my guitar playing, I used a rather old webcam microphone wrapped in a (clean) sock. This produced surprisingly good results!

My Mic Setup

I then spent a good few hours coming up with an interesting guitar accompaniment, which I am very pleased with. When I developed this accompaniment, I basically had an idea of what it would sound like in my head, but I didn’t bother to figure out what scale (if any ;) it was actually in. I find that this approach actually lets me experiment more, as I’m not constrained  by what I “should” be playing. While I was figuring out my guitar part, I made sure to record all of what I was doing, using chord charts, and tabulation. I used audacity for all my recording, and it took plenty of takes for me to actually hit it right, so it was good to have a good method of recording in pieces.


It snowballed from there, and after spending a good few hours coming up with some guitar accompaniment, I can now present to the general public, “Walk Through The Desert”.

Walk Through The Desert

Before I forget, I also need to note the command that I used to turn it into a video

ffmpeg -ab 192k -i logo.jpg -i walk_through_the_desert.mp3 desert.avi

-ab is the bitrate I want the music to be, which I’ve set to 192k, a fairly typical rate
-i logo.jpg specifies the image to use as the background (I’m pretty sure it needs to be jpeg)
-i walk_through_the_desert.mp3 is the mp3 file to use as audio backing.

Also, for those who are interested, here’s my studio :)

My "Studio" :D


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